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DATE OF ADMISSION————————————————–

SIGNATURE OF TEACHER———————————————-

1. SURNAME———————————— FRIST NAME—————————–

2. RESIDENCIAL ADDRESS —————————————————————–

3. NAME, TEL & ADDRESS OF A REFERENCE——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-


· 1 MONTH COOKING CLASSES ——————– 250.00 Ghc

· PART TIME CLASSES ——————————– 900.00 Ghc A YEAR


· 3MONTH COOKING CLASSES ——————– 600.00 Ghc

  SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT ————————————————–

APPLICANT CELL No ———————————————————–

DATE ——————————————————————————


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International affairs now claim the attention of every individual to the culinary art in Africa. It is hygienic and healthy and must equally be balanced. The School teaches students about changes and knowledge of culinary skills to a new level.

Nutrition is important for vulnerable groups in African societies such as children, the pregnant women and others.

Jenny’s Catering School in Africa makes nutritional plans that focus on what is good or sensible thing to do for a balanced, healthy diet and to prevent excessive intake of unhealthy foods, leading to physical harm. Our overall goal is to facilitate a change in bad eating habits. In order to meet individual requirements, age, height, weight are, taken into consideration when planning a diet.

Faulty nutrition in Africa leads to a number of diseases and under nutrition affects many children, and people of all ages in Africa.

The main aim of the School is to promote and maintain standards of hygienic practices in food preparation. We teach students how to make their own delicious meals at home and how to select and store fresh foodstuffs. We believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness, thus students learn the culture of hygiene.

We believe that the purpose of eating is not only for enjoyment but also for the nourishment of the body and soul. For these reasons, our students learn about freshness of food, its lifeline and force. Throughout the curriculum, the importance of cooking foods that nourish and delight the senses are reinforced.

Jenny’s Catering School aims to avoid spoilage and the potential for diseases. To maintain adequate bodily nutritional state to meet daily energy requirements, Jenny’s School of Catering has the facilities, ingredients and practices to meet energy requirements.

We offer practical knowledge in all courses with more than 60% of the time spent on practical classes. Teaching groups are, kept reasonably small to give each individual student the attention they deserve. We therefore, aim to provide the highest standards of training for our students and equip them with the skill set and knowledge to be the chefs of the future.

With Jenny’s, we go in for the best and have affiliations worldwide. We look forward to serving your needs.

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Nigeria, Liberia ,Sierra Leone ,South Africa, Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Cape Verde, Togo

Reisen til mine Barndommen Drømmer som Allmennpraktiker og minneverdig Pention år

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Reisen til mine Barndommen Drømmer som Allmennpraktiker og minneverdig Pention år

Jeanette Akvama

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Latest hunts

Triangle within A Circle-The globe and the people who live in it

By Prof Dr Geoffrey Akuamoa (Akvama)

Historical Novel, Garriguesz a poor Portuguese sailor sails to West Africa in 1436. On the Atlantic Ocean, we drifted away in our small ship from Porto, Portugal, vanishing into the open Atlantic Ocean sailing toward Africa. We were only three, my father Garriguesz and my younger brother Raul, age eighteen. I am Figo, age twenty-one. I learned much about navigation from my father and had learned a great deal of knowledge from my grandparents’ intellectual abilities, their explorations and distinctive pioneering. We did not struggle with fears because my father was very knowledgeable. I was prepared and had illusions that there was something out there…… Triangle within a Circle traces the family through the centuries, ending in the 1950s, with the Independence of Ghana and the immediate aftermath. It is a stunning tale of beauty, one that urges its readers to look for some centre of deepening knowledge and meaning in life, to discover the role each individual on earth is meant to play.

Kwame, the Last slave from West Africa

By Prof Dr Geoffrey Akuamoa (Akvama)

History of pre-colonial period of Ghana and the slave trade is not completely known in details due to lack of archaeological evidences and neglect of western historians. Storytelling by African ancestors is oral because there is no evidence of documents. The goal was to retrieve the slave trade from some historical neglects and the loss of memory, and reinstate it to its rightful place at the forefront of modern history and current issues. This book is to honour the 54th anniversary of Ghana’s independence and the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement in this same year. The Studio is geared to recognize and scrutinise the many issues and effects that the trade brought to the African World and black people, and to search for ways and means to make this information relevant and widely known in our generation. This book provides the reader with basic understanding of The Trans-Atlantic Slave trade from especially Ghana, West Africa. It provides the reader with the background of the nation Ghana, tribal wars and the role played by the chiefs and kings. As quoted by a freed slave from Ghana, “If there were no buyers there would be no sellers.” Whatever philosophy one propounds, the cries, agony, the putrid smell of faeces, urine and vomit along with decaying corpses which the enslaved endured come to live in this book because they combine into a powerful force to hit every sense organ of the living. The roots of antagonisms amongst various ethnic groups and lineages within Ghana and the impacts of the social disruptions created in the past because of the slave trade are portrayed in the book. The Africans enslaved exported to the Americas adopted a new culture, Neoethosm on the basis of their African heritage. An arrangement where an individual is bought and sold by another individual for the purpose of compulsory labour is slavery. The triangular trade barred Africans from developing their own although, West Africa was rich in labour, wealth, natural resources and decent climate. Money fetching crops such as cotton, rice, corn, hemp, sugar, tobacco and workforce were plentiful yet; Africans were brutally shipped to other continents. Thus, in the late 1700’s to early 1860’s 4,000,000 people were brought at no expense and transported to the United States to be sold as slaves and the chiefs and the kings, with their superciliousness and unaware of the suffering of their own people participated. For them, it was easier to get rid of their strong enemies and be paid for. The enslaved were kept in dungeons under terrible conditions before being transported and they passed through a horrifying Middle Passage during the Triangular Trade before winding up on plantations in the Americas. In America, the enslaved were material goods, not persons. They were properties and any break of the slave owners’ laws was punishable by whippings, torture, imprisonment, or the enslaved were sold away from their kinfolk or punished by death. Possessing a slave was seen as a symbol of wealth, supremacy and high prestige. Thus, the whites wanted to procure one. Those who could not obtain enslaved propounded a philosophy that although, they were poor, they were not black, they were whites and their colour motivated them satisfaction in life. Europe was economically and politically weak and could only trade around the Black and the Mediterranean Seas. Due to the political change in the Middle East, Europe had to look for somewhere else. That somewhere else, was Ghana, West Africa. West African societies are still not coming in terms with slavery and expansionism. It had detrimental effect on long-term economic growth and development as well as political stability and psychological effects. West Africans were sold on sale. Slave trade impeded the formation of larger ethnic groups and caused ethnic fractionalization. Africans were spread in millions into foreign countries and their descendants carried talents and communitarian ideals, rich cultural traditions and philosophies that transformed and enriched the cultures in the Americas. The author has made efforts to encourage descendants of enslaved Africans to learn more about their history. Slavery is eradication of human stage, semantics, values, culture, development and humanity. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade begun from 1450 to 1874, 424 years, but slavery of Africans by Europeans and Americans was from 1450 to 1888, 438 years.

Thoughts of Encouragements- 30 great stories short stories, funny, horror and scary

Prof Dr Geoffrey Akuamoa

Thoughts of encouragement are intricately designed and multi-layered. It is a collection of intoxicating blend of novels, children stories, passion, ambitions, destiny, meaning in life, horrors and humanities. The book is entertaining and its lyric description and profusion of detail will make you marvel. Beauty and sadness, cruelty in war and torture, cries and sufferings of the poor, corruption, child’s labour, witchcraft, the role of religion, historic narrations and passion are all woven into grand and memorable stories. The tales are tantalizing and rumbustious and the book makes clear to everyone that life passes by like the wind of the desert, joy and sorrow, beauty and deformity will all pass away but the good that men do will always be remembered.

Slik var livet- Fra minneverdig aktiviteter som almen pracktiker og en aktiv pensjonstid

Da jeg begynte å skrive boken om mitt liv snudd det fort til eventyr historier.Jeg var født i Guld Kysten- Ghana av en jordmør og en præst men vokste opp i Europa. Min foreldre var både utdannet slik at jeg og mine søskene hadde mulligheter for uddanelse. Jeg var glad for å være født i en heldig hjem. Landed var regert av englanderen slik at uddanelsens sytem var på engelsk. Skolesystemet var ikke gratis, kun vellstillet folk hadde råd til uddane deres barne. Desværre døde min mor ved en alder av 26 år og jeg fikk overraskende mange oppfordringer.

Som 19 årig fikk jeg en stupendium til at studere medisin in england. Faren min melte meg på Birmingham Biologisk og Farmaceutiske Institutet i 1955. Et beløp var satt av som skulle knytes ti forskning og skulle bidrag til at utvikle bedre faglihet. 

Uten betenkeligheter kastet meg ut på dypt vann da jeg var en teenager som ville reiser bort til en fremmed land. Jeg var havenet på en feil kloge. Jeg jobede om natten som buskonduktor for at kunne kjøbe mine skole bøker da det avsatt beløp ikke var kommet. Blandt annet jobbede jeg på Cadbury und Fly i Birmingham samt Birds Custard fabrikken på min ferie tidene.

To år etter min ankomst til england jobbede jeg på en cigarett fabrik, John Players in Northingham. På fabrikken møtte jeg en englander som har oppholdt seg i Sveits. Han fortelte meg hvor rik folk var i Zürich og hvor humane folk var.

Den medisinske verden som møtte meg som student 1 1950 tallet var hel annet fra det som omgir oss idag. Det var to forsjellige virkligheter.

I 1957 begyndte jeg med medisin studium ved Kantospital, universitetet i Zürich. Self fikk jeg allerede som unge medisin student verdifull anledninger til å forsker som skapte muligheter til å påvirke utviklingen innen medisinen.

Min livs og yrkesform har gitt vid faglig spenninger. Mange reiser i Asian, Nord Africa, Vest Africa,USA, Europa, samt store utfordringer  har gitt meg rik anledninger til  å folge med i samfunnsutvikling. I nært samarbeid med værdifulle mennesker og sterke personligheter innen kirurgi og  patologi har påvirket min faglige utviklingen. Man endre seg med tiden fordi man endre seg etter opplevelsene, erfaringene, foresstllingerne, utviklingene, spenningene, udfordringerne, samvittighet, direksjon av samfunnet, kjærlighet og lidenskapene. Det er min oppleverlser, erfaringer gjennom mine ynge alderen i Afrika og teenage alderen i Europa i 50 tallet til min pensjons tid på Artic Sirkel i norge 2003, jeg nå villet skrive om.  Tross alt er jeg den eneste,  født i Afika som har virket som lege i Danmark, Sverige og Norge. Mine erfaringer er registrert her og hvorfor.

I erndrin om en glad barndom i Ghana, min oppveksår og ungdomstid som var preget av nærhet mellom søskene, i en tid da ondskap, korruptsjon, stress og fremmedgjøring ennå ikke hadde fått innpass i det Afrikanske sammfund. Europa har forendred seg i de siste 57 år. Folk  aksetere mere mod de fremmed. Glomfjord er på norgeskartet en småby, men i ernæring, kulturell og humanitær forstand et kraftsentrum. Ingen bye vil skiller seg ut, ensomheter er livets mørke side, egne seg ikke for et bye i utvikling.

Jeg kan ikke annet enn å være glad i denne bye som jeg fortsatt bo i etter min pensjon on oppleve den samme stille gleden.


Welcome To Jenny’s Catering School…

I am more than delighted that you have finally discovered Jenny’s School of Catering. The school is mounted on a quiet and a beautiful location of perfect calmness, peace and tranquillity. Designed to discover the hidden knowledge and wisdom of all individuals both young and adults, our school invests knowledge in students worldwide.

Students are invited from every part of the country to learn the culinary skills necessary to enable each one to cook professionally. In response to the ever-increasing demand for culinary skills, Jenny`s School of Catering has developed a number of courses to aid the beginner, part-time student and the housewife.

International affairs now claim the attention of every individual to the culinary art. It is hygienic and healthy. The School teaches students about changes and knowledge of culinary skills to a new level.

Some students would like to cook for themselves, while others may prefer a career in the Travel and Hospitality industries. Jenny’s Catering School therefore, offers a unique blend of hard work, discipline, cohesion in an effort to meet each student’s needs. The school offers an environment of perfect peace and happiness allowing students to concentrate and to meticulously develop their skills in the culinary art. Our teachers are warm-hearted, experienced and are ever-ready to take a minute out of their time to listen to your problems regarding your schooling. With Jenny’s, we go in for the best and have affiliations world-wide. We look forward to serving your needs.



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