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Geoffrey Kofi Akuamoa (Jeff Akvama) is African-Danish, the first African physician in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. He studied at the College of Science and Technology, Birmingham, United Kingdom in 1955; the University Medical School at Zurich, Switzerland 1957 ; the Medical University of Kiel, Germany 1969; the Medical University of Copenhagen, Denmark 1971; and the Medical University of Oslo, Norway 1990. He was appointed Professor in Education and Academic Affairs, Colombo 1992; He is specialist in general medicine and has received many awards from the International Biographical Association as well as the American Biographical Institute. While he has written for numerous scientific publications, he is also a historian. Prof. Dr. Jeff Akvama was the first African-Danish physician in Denmark and Sweden in 1965 and 1971 respectively. He was the first African-Danish physician to work in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. He is Specialist in Family Medicine and Professor of Education and Academic Affairs PhD; DSC, appointed by OUSL Colombo. His Education stretches from England, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ceylon, and the Netherlands to Italy. He studied at University of Birmingham, England, the Department of Biology and Pharmacy as early as 1955 and in 1956,studied Science at the Institute Minerva, Zurich, Switzerland and continued to study Medicine at Canton Hospital, the University of Zurich, Switzerland, from 1957-1964. After graduation he studied further at the University faculty of Medicine, Kiel, Germany, 1969, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1971, and in 1990, University of Oslo, Norway. He extended his knowledge seeking ability in Community and Social Medicine at Sri Lanka, 1980; Physiology of Comparative Medicine, Hong Kong,1981; the Institute of Orthopedics and Arthritis, California L A,USA,1982; Physiology of Comparative Medicines, Singapore,1982; London, UK, 1987. APPOINTMENTS: He worked at various hospitals fields including, General Surgery, Urology, Orthopedics, Pediatric Surgery at the University Hospital of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Hospital, at the University Military Hospital, Copenhagen Surgical Department, as well as Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Ear-Nose and Throat Departments, Denmark, from 1965-1971. He always scheduled his time to accommodate his various achievements. In 1971, he was appointed the chief Medical Officer in Sweden, Ankasrum and Oskashamm and returned to Denmark to start his own General Practice at Solrød Strand in 1972. In 1985 he left his General Practice and devoted his services towards Africa. In his vehicle, he was the first African-Danish to drive around cities and villages to give aid to the poor and the under privileged in Ghana because he felt it was his duty and a good thing to do. In 1997, he left Accra, Ghana and travelled to UK, London to study further, the Science of Acupuncture. From England he left for Sweden in 1988 and where he was employed in Family Medicine at Vårnamo and Gnosjo. In November 7th, 1988, he left Sweden for Norway and worked as a Community Physician from 1988-2003 and for some short period he was Consultant Physician at Norwegian Hydro A/S, Glomfjord from 1991-2003. He retired in 2003. He demonstrated his ability in education, medical profession and as a humanitarian which brought him far and wide. His support to health systems is encouraging and he equally supports gender strategy, scientific researches of substance for delivery of basic health services as well as new proposals in assisting world health services. He offers his services to the developing world and the western world and tries to find means and ways to narrow the gap between the two “worlds” in terms of medical care. It is his hope that human beings do not relinquish their possession of good will towards all people. Working with people and amongst people has been an essential vitamin of his life. By adhering to his common humanistic principles and dedications towards Society, he seeks to build a road of betterment for all people, seniors and ethnic groups all over the world and especially those who are sweeping into the threshold of life and in whom purposes and choices, shadowed by grief, sorrow and poverty, remain the only means of living.

 HONOURS and QUALIFICATIONS: Who’s who in Medicine for Social and Academic Achievements, International Biographical Association, Cambridge, UK; Man of the Year Award in Medicine for Outstanding Achievements and Humanitarian Services, American Biographical Institute, USA; Gold Medal Award for Academic and Medical Achievements, American Biographical Institute, USA; Member of Research Board of Advisors, Cambridge, International Biographical Association; Order of International Ambassador for Social, Medical and Humanitarian Accomplishments, American Biographical Institute, USA; Appointed-H.E (His Excellency) for Supreme Council of Youth Welfare. Noble Laureate, for Dedicated Personal Attainment in the Field of Medicine, 2004, American Biographical Institute, USA; DS.C Degree, issued by Government Parliamentary Board of International University,Colombo,1991;Visiting Professor Degree, International University,1991;PH.D degree,1992; Professor in Education and Academic affairs, International University, Colombo; Biologist, UK 1956; B.SC degree,Zurich,Switzerland,1957; M.D, Zurich, Switzerland 1964; M.D, Kiel, Germany 1969; MD,Copenhagen,Denmark,1971; .MD Oslo, Norway ,1990; Specialist in General Medicine, National Board of Health, Copenhagen, Denmark, Directive No 93/16EEC,1994; M.B.Ac.A London 1988; LFIBA- Life Fellow of International Biographical Association, Cambridge, England.

 LECTURES: Medicine and Integrating Comparative Medicines and how one can become part of the other, Nurses in the field of Surgery at Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark 1973; Medical students on common infections at Hospitals, Denmark, 1974; Electro- Acupuncture, pathological and physiological aspects and the treatment of various diseases, Solrød Strand, 1975; Treatment of Pain Syndromes of upper and lower limbs with local anaesthesia, sterile water alone and ultrasound emerged in water. Western medicine contra Alternative Medicines, Singapore, 1982;Chemical activities and CNS impulses in treatment of Pain Syndromes,1982;Orthopaedic Disorders and Alternative Treatment, California, USA, 1981-1982; Introduction of Alternative Medicines in General Medicine, sponsored by Jonkoping Låns, Sweden,1988; Pain Syndromes and Models, London, UK, 1992; Contributions, AIDS Congress,Florens,1989;Amsterdam 1996. Scientific publications: His scientific interest dates as far back as 1963; Echo Waves in the diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases,1963;Considerations of Achalasia Oesophagi, Canton Hospital, Zurich,Switzerland,1963;Risus Sardonicus caused by drug treatment in Pregnant Women,1966; Early embryonic development and effect of gentian violet ,1966; Carpo-pedal Signs, an indication of a ruptured spleen,1966; Fetor ex Oro Specifica, indication of Appendicitis Acuta,1966;Achalasia Oesophagi and Associated Diseases, Acta Chir Scan,1969; Achalasia Oesophagi, Results of Heller Operation, Acta Chir Scan, 1971;Achalasia Oesophagi, Induced in Mice with Cryosurgery,1971;Cases of Reversible Radialis Paralysis, Danish Medical Journals,1976; Vaginitis Chemicalis, Danish Medical Journals,1977; Causes 0f Subcutaneous Impressions in Babies, Danish Medical Journals,1977; Safety Belts, Traffic, Forensic Implications and Insurance Claims, Danish Medical Journals,1978;Achalasia Oesophagi, Clinical Problems and Surgical Treatment by the Heller method,1985;Olympic Syndromes in Elderly,1989;AIDS and Opportunistic infections,1990; Reflex Zones of Pain,1990;Atlas of Pain Trigger Zones,1991; Pain Syndromes,1992;Trends in Death in Patients with various Carcinomas,1993;Perspectives of Modern Medicine,2004. AUTHUR: Compassion of Life, 2004;(Slik var Livet som Lege) Such was Physician’s Life,2005; Triangle Within A Circle-The Globe and the People who Live in it,2007; Twists And Faces of the Earth, 2008; Journey to the Leprechauns and the Rainbow, 2009;Narrow Escape to Norway, Memoirs of A Liberian Refugee, 2010; The Lost Tribe 2010; Travelling to the Times of the Yore,2010; Destiny of an Innocent Girl, 2010; Number 6, Deceiving Fate 2010; Societal Behaviours and Medicine Today, 2010; Philosophy of Life, 2010.

HEALTH RECOVERY CARE PROGRAMS: The profound Health Recovery Care Programs now occurring in medicine can only be understood if viewed from the perspective of history. Medicine has been changing in all countries since the beginning of time. This is mostly because health care systems are shaped by society adaptability to new environments. Changes in mortality and morbidity also vary. Developmental disorders, behavioural disorders, accidents, AIDS, strokes, eye diseases, hypertension, parenting problems and child abuse, cancers of various types, obesity and many other conditions seem to show the sharpness of their incisors. We should all make an attempt to improve health care practice to constantly maintain its dignity, its clinical and academic discipline. In the history of medicine, few errors have led to so much harm as the failure to let the population become conscious of the meaning of what is happening to them. It is now time for all to know clearly about the meaning of normality in terms of diseases and to have an understanding about human variability in terms of diseases. The term disease means a particular destructive process in an organism-specifically, illness. It is a combination of somatic, psychological and social problems. It is not only to be viewed through clinical boundaries but also across the difficulties involved in separating their boundaries. The Physician therefore, has the responsibility of managing the interface between clinical practice and each boundary. It is the duty of everyone to adopt a healthy life style to avoid destructive processes to the body. If we abide by this simple rule we will have an enduring value for our lives after all, we learn to live. Membership: Various Medical, Scientific and Academic Associations.


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